This instrument is used for a wide range of applications in short waves radio communication, being provided with high or low single side band telephony and telegraphy.




R 3931 has a modular, solid construction. Its main component blocks are: R - 3111 receiver - exciter with detachable control panel (which allows operation in movement), the transmitter and the Cd-Ni 12 V/7 A h accumulators battery. For vehicular variant is delivered DC-DC convertor 24/12V.



- earphone - throat microphone packing, filar antenna, adapter for remote control through max. 500m telephoneline, handler, bumper device for vehicles mounting, etc.

Its exploiting is much simplified by antennas' automatic adapting system. The transmitter is protected to antennas' damage (short circuit or idle running).

Products' inner construction allows a rapid and easy trouble shooting.





- operation frequencies range:                                                   1 .5 - 30 MHz

- channels number:                                                                     28500 (100 Hz channels spacing  between two near by channels)

- receiver’s sensitivity:                                                                2 μV for S/N=min. 10 dB (in telegraphy)

6 μV for S/N=min. 10 dB (in telephony)

- transmitter's output power:                                                      min. 20 (full power); 5 W±3 dB (reduced)

- transmitter's harmonics attenuation:                             min. 40 dB (1.5-12 MHz)

                                                                                                min. 33 dB (12 - 30 MHz)

- transmitter's spurious emission attenuation:                  min. 50 dB

- automatic tuning period:                                                         max. 3 seconds

- consumption:                                                              max. 7.5 A in full power telegraphy

- operation set's weight:                                                            max. 15 kg (accumulator battery included)

- dimensions:                                                                            390 x 230 x 390 mm

- operation temperatures range:                                     - 35oC ... + 50oC

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